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Frequently Asked Questions

if you want to keep your lawn looking at its best or would like it improved then we highly recommend booking us in for a free consultation. Our products that we use are of a professional grade quality, unlike the ones you find in DIY stores. This together with the knowledge and experience you will have access to makes it a cost effective service. You may be surprised at how much inferior products at DIY shops actually cost compared to using a specialist company with all the right equipment and machinery for the tasks. Prices start from £20 for a full treatment.

Once you have got in touch with us we will arrange to come and meet you in order to carry out a survey of your lawn which will include a test and analysis of the soil which will give us a greater understanding of exactly what your lawn needs going forward, rather than a one size fits all approach. We will then send you a report of what will happen next. This consultation is free of charge.

No you don’t. An appointment will be sent to you via email around two weeks before the treatment with an AM or PM slot. Please ensure your lawn is accessible and there are no obstructions on the lawn or leaves. Please also ensure that any dog deposits are cleared away in advance.

All treatments are licensed and undergone testing in order to be safe for pets. I would recommend allowing 2 hours before your pet is allowed on the lawn after the treatment.

The grass should never be left to get too long and we advise that you try and maintain a cutting height of somewhere between 25-40mm (35-40mm for most lawns is fine). A cut 2-4 days before a treatment is perfect. By working in partnership with the customer we will advise on best practices going forward.

An invoice will be sent to you by email and you simply send payment via BACS.

Do not worry. If after the consultation we decide your lawn is a bit too far gone we have this covered and would advise a full lawn renovation, giving you a new lawn.

We do not expect any of our customers to sign a contract.

We would not advise having a one off treatment. Although you will see a noticeable change in the lawn for the better this will be short lived and without ongoing treatments and regular care your lawn will return to its old state.

As an independent company we believe that building a good rapport with you and providing that personal touch whilst working in partnership with every customer is key. Due to the scale of the franchise companies and the volume of customers they are dealing with we believe they will struggle to provide such a service.

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