What is a lawn care service?

A tailored programme designed to provide your lawn with everything it needs to give you grass that is lush, green, weed and moss free. Focusing on using organic products whenever possible to aid the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil, giving you a healthier lawn.

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Lawn Treatment Programme

Regular lawn treatments play a key role in having a healthy, weed free lawn all year round. All lawns require controlled levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) during certain periods of the year. The fertilisers used in this treatment programme will ensure the right balance of these essential chemicals is applied when your lawn needs it. The appearance of your lawn will visibly improve in colour and become thicker and stronger. These treatments in conjunction with a regular maintenance schedule will ensure you have a lawn that is the centrepiece of your garden.

An organic approach to lawn care:

The positive impact on your lawn and the environment that the use of organic products will have includes:

• Slow and steady nutrient release: Unlike chemical fertilisers, which release nutrients quickly, organic fertilisers release them slowly over time. This helps to prevent nutrient runoff and burning of plants, and ensures a consistent supply of nutrients for your plants throughout the growing season.

• Improved soil health: Organic fertilisers promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil. These microbes help to break down organic matter, improve soil structure, and increase the soil's ability to hold water and nutrients.

• Environmentally friendly: Organic fertilisers are derived from natural materials such as compost, manure, and fish emulsion. They are less likely to leach into groundwater or harm beneficial insects and wildlife.

Overall, organic fertilisers are a great way to improve the health of your soil and promote healthy plant growth.

Here is an overview of what you will receive:

"Our lawn has always been problematic, stubborn weeds, moss and areas where grass wouldn't grow. Steven undertook a lawn renovation for us and we are extremely pleased with the result, which vastly improves the overall look of our garden. Steven is reliable, friendly and his services are competitively priced, we have no hesitation in recommending Growscape."

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Additional services include:

• Scarification
• Aeration
• Full lawn renovation
• Treatment of lawn diseases 

Why should I consider using a lawn care service? 

A well kept lawn is the centrepiece of every garden. An unkept lawn will distract from the rest of your garden. Products used in DIY stores are inferior to the professional ones we use. You may be surprised at the cost you will incur buying products from DIY stores compared to having a specialist company take care of your lawn, not to mention your time and the equipment needed. With the invaluable knowledge and experience you are also receiving, we feel it's a good deal.

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